Our Services In Detail

"Our aim is to make your Court documentation manageable & effective to aid you fully in the delivery of your case"

We deliver

court documentation that conforms to all current Court Practice Directives and our expert team will work with you to create and produce your final output. End to end service from creation of Record to Transcription of hearings through to complete Appeal Bundle

We fully understand

the pressures you have to contend with and will work with you to deliver to tight deadlines

We provide

access to your documents from our Extranet, our secure in-house web based tool which allows access at anytime and from anywhere, to all or selected parties to allow proof, amendments, changes. An online collaborative case specific working folder to allow collaboration from all parties where you/we can upload large electronic files to allow reviewing and amending of working documents prior to creating the final version.

Case in Court Support

  • Help in using electronic media, supplying bespoke guides and/or training
  • Supply of Digital Productions Operators to allow presentation of case media (your court documentation) during the actual court hearing
  • Supply of Digital Recording Equipment to enable you to review and share. For example - Expert Witness evidence.


  • Scanning and reproduction of all forms of media received
  • Cleaning & Enhancement of documentation to improve aesthetics & readability
  • Proofreading & sense checking
  • Proactive liaison to support you in the creation of your case materials
  • Documents created intelligently - indexed, bookmarked, hyperlinked, searchable, secure
  • Working copies provided at all stages

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