"Our aim is to make your Court documentation manageable & effective to aid you fully in the delivery of your case"

We Provide

....documentation for the Sheriff Court, the Court of Session
and the UK Supreme Court,as well as bundles and documents
for mediation

Request a FREE, password protected, client Online Storage Facility with 24/7 Global Access

....where you/we can upload large electronic files to allow reviewing and amending of working documents prior to creating the final version.


  Production & Accessibility

    Pre & Post Court Support

McNeill & Cadzow offers a prompt, efficient, accurate and reliable
legal document creation and reproduction service.

  • We have an Edinburgh City Centre based office
  • We have been providing a premium service to the legal profession since 1952
  • We provide documentation for the Sheriff Court, the Court of Session and the UK Supreme Court,
    as well as bundles and documents for mediation
  • We will produce all your Court documentation electronically and in hardcopy format

Our Services


We pride ourselves in our quality of work, the service we provide, and all that we do.

  • We create Court documents from whatever the source material (electronic, handwritten, photocopies or a mix), we deliver a single secured electronic file, which is fully searchable and navigable with a supporting hard copy.
  • We handle anything from a single page to large bundles and we treat each job with the same care, attention to detail and professionalism.
  • We advise on document structure based on your needs and our experience.
  • We enhance and clean originals to make them more readable, removing errors, marks and flaws. We can even source originals if publicly available.

Audio & Digital Transcription Service

  • Upload your audio files to our secure online storage facility and our experienced transcriber
    will prepare your documentation within the allocated timescale.
    Our experienced transcriber has over 20 years office experience
    and has extensive legal and medical terminology knowledge.
  • Examples of work which you could have produced by McNeill & Cadzow include:-

          Court Hearings

          Witness Statements

          Commission Hearings

    All work will be produced to an exacting standard and can be undertaken at short notice
    or outwith office hours.

Hire of Digital Recording Equipment

  • For use in Sheriff Court
  • Commission Hearings
  • Meetings

  • Your digital recording could easily be copied onto multiple memory sticks to share with your colleagues